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Now Offering Spiral Dynamics Profiles from ValueMatch

Now Offering Spiral Dynamics Profiles from ValueMatch

1462912_770484469685088_9124661767890493618_n Ever since it was first introduced to me by my friends and mentors Carol & Tim at FGI, the Spiral Dynamics theory of the evolution of human values has provided a fascinating framework for interpreting the world around me, understanding barriers to change (in people, organizations, and cultures), and communicating more effectively across these barriers.

An understanding of Spiral Dynamics (based on the work of Dr. Clare Graves, and supported by decades of research) can improve leadership, make organizations more effective, and help one just “make sense” of the news. I am happy to announce that Shrinking Borders is now a partner with ValueMatch, a provider of profiles that make it easy to understand what is behind an individual’s worldview. ValueMatch profiles assess the Spiral Dynamics Value Systems active in people, teams and organizations.

Contact me if you would like to learn more about this.