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How, Then, Will I Lead

At the request of the Nebraska Synod, ELCA, Shrinking Borders recently finished the first cohort of 20 pastors, 1 bishop, and 1 deacon in a custom leadership program entitled “How, Then, Will I Lead”. The program included 7 days over 5 months. Participants completed a variety of assessments, undertook small group collaborative work, and personal development initiatives. It was a journey in leading from within . . . in the messy world out there. It was very enthusiastically received by the participants, and we are planning a second cohort in the fall. One pastor said: “How, Then, Will I Lead has been the most meaningful formation experience of my ministerial career. It was a wonderful opportunity to deepen my understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and to be affirmed in my gifts for ministry, as well as to think about the church’s present and future, with a group of faithful and graceful colleagues.”