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How is your EQ?

How is your EQ?

I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a day of staff teambuilding and coaching, followed by a day of strategic planning for the staff and board of a nonprofit organization.  It was really fun working with people who are focused on positive change in their community and beyond.

As part of the engagement I was able to see the great value of the EQ360 assessment.  This tool from MHS is really rich.  In my corporate life I had the privilege of being the subject of a few different 360 degree evaluations over the years.  While sometimes the feedback includes things that aren’t fun to hear, it is all generally golden.  EQ (a measure of emotional intelligence) has a much bigger impact on success at work (and in life) than IQ (cognitive intelligence).  It is all about relationships.

The EQ360 provides a look at the subject’s emotional intelligence as seen from the self, from manager(s), peers, family/friends, direct reports and others.  There are few opportunities in life to get rich, candid, scientifically validated input from an audience like this.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about your EQ.