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Field Report – Kampala, Uganda

For the past four days I was blessed to spend time in Namasuba Muslim Primary School, located in a very poor area of Kampala, Uganda. The visit was part of a trip sponsored by . There were four or five Americans in our group each day, and we all had various classroom assignments to support […]

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Blessed to have health insurance

I had an unplanned run-in with a surgery room last week for an emergency appendectomy. The care was great, the hospital experience could not have been better given the circumstances. I don’t know what it will all cost. A lot, I’m sure. But I’m one of the fortunate – having health insurance as a result […]

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Overview of Spiral Dynamics

For a very brief, and I hope accessible, look at the evolution of value systems in the framework of Spiral Dynamics, I invite you to review A Peek at Spiral Dynamics.  This is a synthesis of information from a variety of sources, but mostly from my own education in this by my friends Carol Hunter and […]

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The Retirement is Official

Last Friday was my last day in the office at Union Pacific. It was a great place for a second career. I learned and incredible amount, especially by watching the leadership of the current Chairman, Jim Young. He totally changed the feel and performance of the company. The last two years were best ever in […]

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Welcome to the birth of Shrinking Borders LLC

After 24 years of military service followed by 16 years in corporate America – Shrinking Borders is a new chapter of life for me.  Over the years I have had the great fortune to be mentored by world-wise people, and had the opportunity to initiate and grow a very successful software development partnership spanning the […]

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