Spiral Dynamics® based assessments from ValueMatch

Understanding value systems

Spiral Dynamics® is based on the work of developmental psychologists Clare Graves and Don Beck.  It describes a comprehensive model for the evolution of value systems in individuals, organizations and cultures.  Spiral Dynamics® assessments from ValueMatch provide insight into our deeper drives and values, as the source of our behavior and motivation. Knowing these drives makes it possible to determine which particular position or (organizational) culture best fits particular individuals. People flourish in environments that are aligned with their inner values. ValueMatch uses the ‘Match’ to express the quality of this fit.

An important principle in the application of these tools is the emphasis on creating environments that allow people to contribute their unique qualities, rather than seeking to make people fit a specific culture or environment.  The profiles can be used to match people with jobs, to facilitate change processes, and to accommodate diversity.  At an individual level, understanding the Spiral Dynamics® model provides deep insight into the roots of both strife and growth in the world around us.

ValueMatch provides individual and group Values Profiles, Change Profiles, and Workplace Culture Profiles.

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