About Martin Malley as a Coach

IMG_1891My coaching practice is focused on helping people achieve their full potential.  It isn’t therapy – I’m not qualified to render therapy. It isn’t consulting – although I offer management consulting.  In a consulting engagement I provide the benefit of my years of leadership and management experience to help an organization that can benefit from that experience.  In a coaching relationship – the goal is not advice, but rather guiding the client to uncover her or his own answers.  I bring all of my experience to the relationship, but I do not offer my experience as a source of solutions.  I will challenge you to look hard at and within yourself, I will send you on inquiries to find the information YOU need, and I will ask powerful questions.  Especially in professional settings — I might encourage the use of assessments to give you more information.

I may not be the right coach for you — but I have a network of great coaches to which I refer if we find the fit is not right.

Frequently asked questions about Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

  • Goals are work-related: They tend to target important managerial and leadership domains.  Results show up in day-to-day performance.
  • Organizationally sponsored: The coaching is a transparent part of the client’s development.   An organizational sponsor is part of the planning and evaluation.
  • Coaching is confidential, process is transparent: Coach-client conversations are private and confidential, but plans and process are shared with the sponsor(s).
  • Process driven: The coach leads the process, the client leads the change.

What is Personal Coaching?

  • Goals are personal: They tend to target whole-person, life direction domains.  Results show up in personal satisfaction with life.
  • Individually sponsored: The coaching is guided by an agreement between the coach and client.
  • Totally confidential: Everything is held in confidence by the coach, unless there is a danger to the client or others.
  • Goal driven: We work together on clarifying goals, the coach keeps the client accountable to progress on them.

What is the general process?

  • For Executive Coaching: An introductory meeting is held with sponsor(s) and client to clarify the purpose, goals and process.  If the “fit” is right, a contract is defined for the engagement.
  • For Personal Coaching: A “discovery session” is held between coach and client to assess “fit”.  Based on the outcome of that, an agreement is signed between coach and client.
  • Sessions: Are usually conducted by phone, but may be in person.  The almost always less than 1 hour.
  • It is typical to have about 2 sessions per month.

What are the costs?

  • An hourly or per-session rate is set as part of the contract or agreement.  Special rates can be considered for non-profit organizations and individuals.
  • Assessments are billed separately based on mutual agreement.