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Tanzania Leadership Exchange

Leaders of the ELCT Northern Diocese

Leaders of the ELCT Northern Diocese

In October, Shrinking Borders conducted a first of its kind leadership development event in Tanzania. This 2 day event provided experiential learning in Emergenetics and a variety of leadership topics. The participants included 31 Tanzanian leaders from the Northern Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) and 5 Americans. Shrinking Borders LLC, Real Life Works, Emergenetics International and ELCT Northern Diocese jointly sponsored the event.

Leaders in the church in Tanzania face very difficult challenges, working in one of the poorest countries on the planet, while operating major social services (schools, hospitals, orphanages, as well as parishes). The American participants learned much from their Tanzanian counterparts.

One of the participants, the headmistress of a secondary school for many years, said: “I can’t wait to let you know how much I am transformed by the seminar. Now I know myself better . . . Now I know why I do things the way I do them; why I take a lot of time trying to explain things to others and why I talk much. I am a new creation now.”