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Machame Hospital, Machame, Tanzania

I had the pleasure of spending a week with my good friend Bob Kasworm of Alegent Health at Machame, Tanzania. Bob is Alegent’s representative at Machame Hospital. The main goal of the trip was to initiate installation of a new computer lab at the Machame Hospital Nursing School. The equipment for the lab had been donated by my former employer, Union Pacific Railroad. This lab will enable the nursing school students to have access to up-to-date curricula and internet resources.

The Nursing School is a couple of years old, and has been supported by many donors. Alegent Health in Omaha was a major contributor. It serves many important needs. First, it provides a path forward for secondary school graduates in Tanzania. There are few opportunities for post-secondary education. Second, it addresses a critical shortage of nurses in Tanzania. The school is growing quickly, and it was inspirational to see the dedication of the students there. There is a continuing need for contributions to finish construction of facilities, and a great need for people to sponsor students. The cost of attending the school is roughly $1,300 per year including room and board. It is a 3 year program. So, for less than $4,000 a sponsor can make a life for an aspiring nurse, and gain from the leverage of the thousands of people the nurse will help during a career. Some information about this program is at Nursing Scholarship Program. Contributions are tax deductible and are closely overseen by the Nebraska Synod, ELCA and by Bob Kasworm on site in Machame. Please contact me if you would like more information.

I also had the pleasure of spending some time with Rev. Dr. Frederick Shoo (sounds like “show”), the Assistant to the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) Northern Diocese. I first got to know him during a trip to the remote Rukwa region of Tanzania last summer. Please take a few minutes to see him at work in Kilimanjaro Trees. Yesterday he asked for help with funding so tree saplings can be provided to all confirmation students in the diocese as part of this program. $1 US will buy 4 saplings. Contact me if you would like to help.

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