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The World Energy Project – Next Installation = Kenya

World Energy Project

A very inspiring and special group of young Nebraskans was with us in the schools of Kampala last week. They call themselves the World Energy Project. These recent graduates of the University of Nebraska are dedicated to bringing solar energy to bear on the energy problems in Africa. After their week with us, they are headed to Kenya to do a solar system installation at a school in a remote part of Kenya. I’m not listing their names here, because I forgot to get permission before they left us. You can see them in the photo. One young woman is missing, she wasn’t feeling well the day the photo was taken. She also happens to be their leader and the inspiration behind the whole thing. She had traveled in Africa before and felt compelled to inspire her classmates to make a tangible difference.

They collected all of the materials, built frames and foundations, and preassembled and tested the system back in Nebraska. They crated it all up, shipped it by sea, and will meet it some time this week, I think. They will then install it and train local people to operate and maintain the system.

They are looking for additional projects. There is no shortage of demand, but the gear is costly and they are seeking sponsorship to help with funding.

Besides having the courage to travel independently (and on a shoestring budget) around Africa – they also added a tremendous amount to our time in the schools. The children loved them. One young man in my group at Namasuba spent time training the school’s scout troop in first aid, and then was the man-in-charge tending to the injuries of children I discussed earlier. I was very moved by the heart I saw in these young people (and two other young people who worked at Namasuba, but were not part of WEP). It is a very hopeful sign for the future of our planet.

They saluted the Mzungu’s (white people) as we left the office for the all school assembly.

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