WisCom Tanzania 2017

I just returned from leading a group of of fellow learners (we call it the Wisdom Community) to Tanzania.  This was my 13th time in that amazing country.  My friend and fellow traveler Phil Goldsmith had this to say about the trip:

“It was such a wonderful journey into a land I knew so little about.  I keep on telling people it was a trip of a “lifetime,” but I can’t adequately explain why and I have resisted the effort–so far–to try to fit the two week plus experience into a neat little compartments that can explain it all. Sometimes, it’s better to forget about intellectualizing or conceptualizing something and just  experience it, explanations be damned. And this might be one of those times.
Of course, I do know one reason why the trip was so great: it’s because of all of you–twenty one of us–or was it 22?–packed together for two weeks in relatively close quarters from early morning to late at night. We laughed together, drank together, reflected together and witnessed so much together, including the hard reality of the web of life on the Serengeti.
We saw abject poverty of a third world country–a depth of poverty I haven’t come close to  witnessing in the worst of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, and yet I saw people of quiet acceptance and hope. I saw smiles, not surliness; peace of mind, not despair. (Of course, that might be a function of what I wanted to see, or where I was pointing my camera.)
We were blessed to be in the company of people committed to making a difference . . . . They gave me hope but also made me feel inadequate at the same time.
It seems like a lifetime ago since we were there. What seemed so real then, seems like a dream now. The pictures, as beautiful as they are, don’t do justice to actually being there.
Truth be told, I miss Tanzania.”
Thanks, Phil.  I miss it also and look forward to returning in January with another group of curious people.